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FunBlocks Browser Extension

Boost Efficiency by 10x: Email Replies, Writing, Reading, Social Interactions...

AI Writing

Summon the AI writing assistant in any webpage input box or editor

AI Reading

Have the AI assistant help you read content in any language on any webpage

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FunBlocks AI extension provides contextual support for different website applications in widget form, offering quick operations such as:

  • AI writing assistant button in editing boxes
  • AI reply button for email
  • One-click YouTube video summarization
  • ......

Enable 10x acceleration with a single click!

How to use the installed extension?

FunBlocks AI Flow - Unleash Boundless Creativity with AI Brainstorming

AI-powered mind mapping to unlock your creative potential and embark on infinite knowledge exploration.
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FunBlocks AI Writer - AI-Powered Notion-Style Block Editor

No More Writing Alone, with Your AI Copilot

Simply set the direction, and let AI handle the rest

FunBlocks AI Slides - Create Slides with One Click

Write slides in text (Markdown) and save time on PPT formatting.

AI helps expand and improve your ideas. Writing becomes a new way of learning!

All-in-One Knowledge Workspace

Comprehensive support for knowledge work
  • Multiple page types (documents, slides, mindmaps) to create personal or team shared knowledge spaces
  • AI assistant within the space or as a standalone browser extension for all websites
  • Work 10 times faster while accumulating knowledge
  • More knowledge accumulation, more powerful AI assistant
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Personalized AI Assistant

FunBlocks AI assistant offers open capabilities for your customization
  • Provide access to mainstream LLM models for on-demand selection
  • Build AI Prompt applications to make the AI assistant more tailored to your needs
  • Choose needed applications from the app marketplace to customize the AI assistant's capabilities
  • Build your own knowledge base for a more personalized AI assistant
  • ......
Align the AI assistant with your needs and knowledge for a better fit